What is WordPress? Basics of WordPress CMS Platform

We will tell you some basic info about the Popular WordPress CMS Platform.

So you might be asking, “What is WordPress?”

Simply put, WordPress is the most frequently used open-source content management system utilized throughout the world.

What is WordPress?

Why is WordPress the most frequently used open-source content management system?

Still not sure of what is WP? WordPress powers more than 30% of all websites around the globe and represents nearly 60% market share of all open-source content management systems.

What is WordPress

What is “Open-Source”?

Programs whose source codes are made readily available for modification or use by their developers are described as “open-source.” These types of programs are free to use and are commonly developed as part of a communal public endeavor.

What are “Content Management Systems”?

“Content management system” or (CMS) are systems used to create, organize, edit, manage and publish content online. A CMS takes care of website content and provides an easy to understand interface to make updates for users that are not familiar with a line of code.

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